All You Need is Love

I have a Boston Terrier named Eleanor Rigby, “Imagine” tattooed on my right wrist, “Let it Be” tattooed on my left wrist, my first born’s name is Lennon and if it didn’t cross the lines into “creepy” I’d name our next son Harrison or daughter Prudence. I think it’s safe to say I’m a Beatles fan. I’m a big believer in the idea behind “Everything I know, I learned from the Beatles.” A more accurate way to state that might be, “Everything humane and important in the world, I learned from the Beatles.”  There are few life lessons and scenarios you can’t find the answers to hidden in a song by the Fab Four. Really- I implore you to turn to The White Album next time you’re stuck in a rut.

All you need is love. So much wisdom in that one, short song. So much wisdom in those five little words. I happen to think this song needs to become our anthem. Immediately. I look around at this world now with mama eyes, something you’ll only truly understand if you’re a parent. I look at the world my boys will grow up in. I wonder sometimes why I chose to bring these gorgeous, innocent, miracles into our current state of affairs. And then I remember that in terms of our world, I have hope. I may be a granola-hippy-tree-hugger, but I’m okay with that label because underneath it, it means I have hope.

Between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and a whole slew of other social media outlets I am not hip to because I’m of the over-thirty crowd- we’ve started to see other sides of people. People post whatever they’re thinking as though it’s okay to say these things out loud. As though their personal opinions, values and religions should dictate how the world they live in turns. How other people should live their lives and what rules they should abide by. We are so quick to judge others. So quick to make a fleeting judgement call on who and what they are based on a small peek into the windows of their souls.

This week alone, I’ve read about how Justin Beiber needs to be deported, John Bohener looks like an Oompa-Loompa, Madonna looks and sounds like a crippled, leathery hag, gays cause autism- need I go on? I don’t know Justin Beiber, I don’t own his albums, I don’t pretend to know who or what he is about. What I do know, and the only thing anyone needs to know, is he’s a child. A child brought up in the world of success and stardom. A child who has made mistakes. We’ve all made mistakes. ALL OF US. Madonna? The woman single-handedly changed pop music. She’s fought the fight for so many of us who didn’t have voices. Yet, she starts to age and we crumple her up and discard her.

It’s time we all start having more love for one another than hate. Our country is riddled with hate and judgement for what we don’t understand. Gays, other races, people on welfare, the 16-year-old girl denied an abortion because it’s more important to fight for that baby’s rights than it is to worry about after it is born, the woman who is brain-dead and has DNR restrictions yet the state is keeping her alive as an incubator for a child that isn’t born yet against her and her family’s wishes, the young mother struggling to put food on the table, the stay at home dad, the working mother- I could go on, but you get the point. We desperately need to learn to take a step back and walk in one another’s shoes. It’s about removing your prejudices and personal experiences from the equation and realizing we are all human. We are all trying our best. Until we start having love and compassion for our fellow mankind, nothing will ever change and nothing will ever get better.

I experienced a low point for myself this year. The lowest point I’ve experienced in my 33 years on this planet. It changed me and the way I view people. The way I view the world. I won’t pretend to be perfect. It’s a constant struggle to better myself so I can teach my son’s how to respond to others who are different from them. I can only say I hope none of you have to go through a low point such as this before responding with love instead of hate, before you can stop to think about if you were in that situation, before you judge callously. Remember, these people you judge are daughters, sons, mothers, fathers, brothers. These are PEOPLE. It’s about acceptance. It’s about loving thy neighbor. It’s about benefit of the doubt. It’s about faith. All You Need is Love. It’s so very true.

6 thoughts on “All You Need is Love

  1. Imagine how many problem in this world that would be fixed if we loved one another first before anything else. Well said.

  2. I agree on all counts except Justin Beiber. While sad that he has become another child star statistic, he is no longer a child in terms of the law. He is 19 and should obey just as all other 19 year olds should. No drinking either!!!! Deported just happens to be a solution offered up because he is not an American citizen. I agree. He has shamed our youth long enough. If that’s an option, so be it. Otherwise he will be like the other star addicts in our lives and daily reading. A lesson is a lesson and it’s about time someone learn from their mistakes. I feel like I know more about him than a 34+ year old should thanks to my daughter’s love of him. She has shirtless pics of him all over her phone. It’s disgusting and I can’t keep up with deleting him and any other social media crap. I’m physically ill of him and his influences on the teenage population. I’m sticking to my guns on this one. Go away, I don’t wanna be a “belieber” anymore!!! Lol!

    1. I don’t condone drinking and driving and I don’t condone his actions, not do I agree with them. I have just become a firm believer that we need to respond with love, not hate. We don’t truly know another’s struggle until we’ve been there. I’m just glad no one was hurt by his poor judgement.

  3. My favorite post so far. I also think people need to remember the song that Ms. Aretha sang. RESPECT! It really doesn’t exist anymore. People have lost respect for themselves and every other person out there too. Thank you for speaking up, it needs to be said. Imma go listen to the white album now 😉

  4. I’m so tired of people casting all these soundbyte judgements on mainstream figures like Justin Beiber. The kid was ushered onto the world stage from a young age, and unthinkable pressures and expectations were dropped onto him on a level that few will ever understand. Would any of us be able to stay spiritually/emotionally centered in a situation like that? I’ve known grown adults who can barely keep their sanity after having to wait in a grocery store checkout line for 5 minutes longer than expected, but then they sit behind their iPhones and judge and condemn people like Justin Beiber for loosing their cool and making stupid mistakes. Ridiculous. Let’s find more substantial things to be concerned about, the world is full of them. We need to stop judging people and situations we don’t understand just because the media is filling us with ideas, we need to get some perspective and focus on our own lives a little more, and like you say, Erica – love & understanding…it’s time we grow up as a society and recognize that kindness and tolerance are amongst the best values we can pass onto our children, and if we succeed in doing that, there will be no reason for us to feel morally threatened because some famous kid is drinking and taking his shirt off. Very well written piece Erica…sensitive and insightful.

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