Connect the dots…La-La-La-La

I’m the mama of two boys. BOYS. Given my penchant for decorating and crafting, I often hear what a shame it is I wasn’t gifted any girls. While I will be the first to throw an unholy bitch-fest about the extreme lack of anything cute in the way of boys clothing and decor, I’ve gotten pretty inventive with both their nurseries.

We moved when T was just a month old (I do not advise this in any way shape or form. I was not of sound mind and body at that time) so both boys have had two nurseries in their short lifetimes. When I was pregnant with L, I knew I had to have an accent wall. It started out as über fancy wallpaper that would have cost us upwards of $500 for one wall- and then I stumbled upon wall stencils. We bought one fairly cheaply and set to work one Sunday to complete it. If you’ve never done a detailed wall stencil, let me tell you, it’s a bitch. My husband and I bickered for 14 hours, and I spent about 4 weeks touching up areas with paint on a teeny-tiny makeup brush. I’ll be damned if we go to all that trouble and there’s one stitch out of place. The outcome was well worth it. If I had it in me, I would do it in our new home. Sadly, paint, walls and myself are not friends.



When I got pregnant with T, we started renovating his room immediately, before we knew what sex he was. I have always wanted a colored crib, so painting a white, Jenny Lind crib was my job and my husband set to work on fixing walls and painting grey and white chevron. Of course, chevron suddenly blew the fuck up and I hated it, but I wasn’t about to ask this poor man to redo the walls. It’s not like it was a peach and sea-foam green 80’s motif, so we left it. I never realized how big of a statement it made in his room till we moved to the new house.



A couple of weeks ago I was enjoying my morning coffee and flipping through my mama-crack –  AKA The Land of Nod catalog. Seriously? If you haven’t shopped here, you need to. This place is beyond spectacular. Is it expensive? Fuck yes. I have yet to receive anything from this store that isn’t fantasmagorical. My kids play with these toys daily, for hours on end. When I have play dates at the house, their friends gravitate right to those Nod toys and are upset to leave them behind when they go. They’re magical. For real.

Anyway, I stumbled upon a lovely polka dot wall that I immediately had to have. I went to work in my head figuring out if I could stand 24 hours of myself and a stencil, until I read further and realized they were DECALS. Polka dot-fucking-decals. I’m a firm believer that anything polka-dotted is so much better than anything not. They come in packages of 48 and are $20 something a pack. They have an extensive selection of colors, but I went with white.


Now, if you know me, you know I am the most indecisive person on the planet. I was terrified to start sticking these little shits to the wall. Visions of crumpled contact paper and ripped half-moon shaped dots danced through my head. This shit it so easy, L & T could have done it. No, really. I stuck and unstuck those bad boys at least 10 times each meticulously lining them up in a pattern. Nothing got past those suckers. I was beyond impressed. The end result? It took me 20 minutes. TWENTY MINUTES! Granted, I didn’t get all Bob Vila with it and grab a measuring stick, but I really can’t tell and I’m my own worst critic. Without further adieu, I bring you the before and after of T’s new accent wall.




9 thoughts on “Connect the dots…La-La-La-La

  1. The chevron was genius I tell you! But those damned little dots are absolutely magnificent! Decals are all the rage and the extensive amount of design they offer is unmeasurable! I’m impressed with every inch of effort you’ve displayed to the world! Well done!

    1. Thanks ladies! Tracy- I learned the hard way with Lennon, after he gnawed his crib slats like a woodchuck! I caught Theo chewing on them the other day. I found this tutorial online and you only need two yards of fleece 🙂

  2. OMG you’re hilarious! Great writing and great rooms!! Those boys are lucky to have such a crafty mama. You can always borrow my little girl to do crafts when the urge strikes ya 😉

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