Birthdays, Banners and Boogers: Oh My!

Will there ever be a day where boogers are not the bane of my existence? I surely cannot be the only mama out there proudly sporting the ever fashionable snot rocket. You know what pairs well with the little yellow and green gems? Spit-up. Nothing as lovely a combo as spit-up and boogs. I wear the two like I used to wear Anne Taylor and Coach. Can someone send a memo to Marc Jacobs? Let him know this is the new fashion trend immediately. Can’t the fashion community throw us moms to toddlers a bone? We’ve already transitioned our wardrobe to all things Spandex and yoga, and we’ve been rockin’ the ponytail so long we have permanent indentations in our hair. We’d kick the shizz outta that trend- and then some.

On to more important stuffs. What’s new on the crafting front? Aside from planning L’s birthday in two weeks and T’s in May, I took on the role of making a couple birthday banners for some friend’s kiddos. I borrowed a Cricut from another friend to see how I felt about it before taking the expensive plunge. While I love it, I would much prefer a machine that doesn’t require cartridges and can also cut fabric. Enter the Silhouette. I just ordered that bad boy this afternoon! After making the two “practice banners” by hand- the only thing I utilized the cricut for was the letters- I decided it was best I not develop carpel tunnel syndrome from using shitty pinking sheers. Regardless of the woes I endured putting these together, I was pretty happy with how they turned out. I introduce you to my very first two birthday banners!







So! HERE’S THE GOOD STUFFS!!!! I am in the process of opening an Etsy shop (also named Lookielooloo) where I can start putting my crafting hobby to good use. A gal goes through a shit load of Boogie Wipes up in this house and needs some extra cash flow to fund it. (I kid) Here’s my dilemma. I cannot open an empty Etsy shop, and I do not want to make banners and have an inventory. Instead, what I would like to do is make banners for YOU and use them as mock ups for my store. (Here comes the really, really, good stuffs)

I am going to make 10 banners for 10 different people at less than half price. $15 will get you something in the realms of what you see above. I am open to working with you on color scheme, etc. It doesn’t have to be a birthday banner, it could be a “You went potty on the toilet!!” banner. Cuz, priorities man. All I ask is that you share photos of the banners and links to my blog when you receive it. I need your help to be successful, so, here I am, on my knees begging.

Here’s the deets:

1) “Follow” my blog (Scroll up to the top of the page. There’s a link that says “follow.”  See it? Awesome. Click it. Enter some shit. Yay! You’re done with #1)

2) “Like” my Facebook page (See that blue link, right back there? Click on it. See my happy face with my screaming children? Yay! You’re there, and done with #2)

3) “Like” and “Share” the one and only post on said Facebook page. (Look! There’s that handy link again in case you missed it above!)

I will choose 10 winners through one of those nifty little randomization websites NEXT SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 2nd!!!! Pass this shit around like a bong and let’s get’r done folks.

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