Welcome to my life!

I’ve been told for years that I ought to start a blog. Being of the “real people” mind set, I’ve never felt I was quite interesting or important enough to warrant my own blog. What would I say? Do I want to share these aspects of my life with the world? Who would read it? When it comes to blogs, it’s kind of like your wedding- no one wants to go, or in this case, read it.

Fast forward two years, add two boys under the age of two and I find it’s possible that I just might have something to say. Whether that’s out of boredom from repeat episodes of Daniel Tiger and Sesame Street or the fact that I could put on a one woman show of The Lorax, Toy Story or Polar Express in your living room, I can’t say. Regardless, I’m ready world!

Whether it be about my kids, my husband, my friends, or myself- I plan on laying it all out there for the world to see. Or the twenty or so people on Facebook that are bored enough to follow. So, without further adieu, I bring you the inner workings of my brain. Enter at your own risk!

2 thoughts on “Welcome to my life!

  1. I have always been and continue to be entertained by the inner workings of your brain! I will admit, like so creepy window lurker, I am enjoying your blog and look forward to future posts. People need to realize the thing that makes people truly funny is their ability to see the humor in life and poke fun at themselves. Crafting, creativity, etc is not something boring people do, we are a special breed! From one “odd nugget” to another, thanks for sharing! 🙂

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